Rain Wieiler in Black and White!

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Tex Hollywood - May 21, 2020

This model's name is Rain, but her instagram is RippinFartsBreakingHearts so you know she's some kind of wonderful without even cross referencing her awesome black and white shoot!

Nothing like a hot girl who doesn't take life too seriously, because it really shouldn't be taken too seriously. If we've learned anything in the past few months, it should be that it's all a giant "whatever" and not in a emo, we're all going to die way...but in a real who gives a crap, let's just have fun since we're not here for a long time, it might as well be a good time.

It's too bad that this shoot doesn't have A LOT more pics, it's too bad that it is in Black and White, but it's great that we've been introduced to Rain, because this kind of Rain is welcomed at any of my parades, not that I have parades, but I may start, because why the hell not.


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