Sydney Sweeney’s Blow Up Boobs!

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Echo Lawrence - May 4, 2020

Sydney Sweeney's blow up boobies are not as creepy as the blow up boobies you've probably shopped around for you know, for "practice".

I guess being a famous and trending girl makes things awesome by default, but if you were laying out at your grandma's pool in Florida and a dude walked in with this inflatable pool toy, you'd probably cross reference the sex offender list.

I am a big fan of Sydney Sweeney's performance in Euphoria, which if you haven't seen the show, you should probably check it out. She's topless in it!

It will give you a crazy look into the high schools of today if they were actually like the young people on social media, which they probably are because the 40 year old writer / creator had to get his inspiration somewhere.

Either way, check out this hotness!


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