READER FIND: Beth Riesgraf’s Super Hot Nudity From 2000’s ‘The Summer of My Deflowering’

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aldo-vallon - September 1, 2018

I have never seen The Summer of My Deflowering, but you do not need to have a master’s degree in English to know what it is about.

I do not know where the term deflowering came from, but I do not think it fits in regards to the relative subject matter. Well, maybe it used to, I just don’t think it does any longer. There is not a whole lot of flower related slang that applies to that area of a woman’s anatomy. I think it is about time that we came up with something a little more relevant. A woman losing her virginity is a big milestone in her life. That means it deserves to have a descriptor that does not leave people scratching their heads when they hear it.

So, given the current terms that refer to a woman’s genitals I have the following slogans to propose. I think that given the present usage of clam, it would be fitting to call it a de-pearling or clam shucking. Personally, I think the former is classier, but I will put both up for the vote. Far be it from me to make this important decision for all mankind.


Photo Credit: Mr. Skin