READER FIND: Eva Mendes’ Famous Nude Scene From ‘Training Day’

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brian-mcgee - May 15, 2018

Have you ever had a crush on an actress only to discover that earlier in their career, when they were fairly unknown, they did an amazing nude scene? It's a great feeling, and one I'm happy to bestow on Egotastic All Stars reader Ben P. from Alamagordo, NM, who has been crushing on Eva Mendes for some time, and totally forgot that she went fully nude in the flick Training Day.

Let's be honest, that's an Oscar winning film and there's lots of things to remember about it, but you definitely remember that scene where Ethan Hawke goes to confront Denzel, and Denzel's woman is naked on the bed. That was Eva Mendes! It's so crazy when a nude scene is ingrained in your memory and you don't know who it was, only to discover that it's someone you've been crushing on for the better part of forever.

So enjoy, Ben, and flip through the pics because the scene goes by pretty quick and you'll be astonished by all the nudity you miss, and that screen caps can help you discover! Keep those Reader Finds coming, and we'll keep cranking them out!

Photo Credit: Mr. Skin