READER FIND: Gorgeous Kristen Varley’s Faptastic Full Nudity From ‘100 Bullets’

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aldo-vallon - November 8, 2018

I don’t know what use someone could have with 100 bullets if they had a girl like Kirsten Valley. If I was going home to a gal that looked like that I feel like I could let just about any grievance go. Who would want to risk jail with her on the line? That would be the worst trade in history.

Even if Kirsten was some succubus that enjoyed talking men into committing crimes for her, I still think that I would have the presence of mind to question it. I don’t think I’d care to commit a crime just so that I could provide for her all the good things in life. I haven’t been able to provide for any of the women in my life so far, and I see no reason to break the streak now.

Bubba can keep our prison cell ready for after I’ve found a crime that’s worth it, like stealing the helmets of Daft Punk. It wouldn’t be for the riches, it’d be for the notoriety. Anyone can rob a bank. Few can leave treasures like that buried in their backyards.



Photo Credit: Mr. Skin