READER FIND: Kennedy Summers Big Fake Pair In “Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich”

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aldo-vallon - September 3, 2018

Ask not what Kennedy Summers can do for you, but what you can do for Kennedy Summers. Had there been more able bodied men ready and willing to help her out in Puppet Master then maybe she would not have ended up dead on the floor.

Call me a prude if you’d like, but the sight of blood is not a turn on for me. I do not even like to see women covered in body paint or chocolate syrup. I start having anxiety over the thought of the mess that is going to need to be cleaned up. I instantly flip the switch into dad mode and try to escort the lady to the bathroom to get rinsed off.

Oddly enough, they usually do not hate the idea and think that it is all part of a sexy game. Then they realize that I am serious and then they start hating it. I don’t care though, because my sheets will be clean and I will be free to sleep in them. I will be sleeping alone, but given the other options I consider that to be a win.


Photo Credit: Mr. Skin