READER FIND: Lauren Compton Totally Naked In “Here and Now”

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aldo-vallon - March 1, 2018

I would have expected a show that had Lauren Compton naked in it to have more than a measly 30 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. I suppose that is what they get for only having her in one episode as opposed to making her a series regular. Plenty of crappy shows and movies have skated into success by riding on the racks of their female stars. I commend the producers for trying to maintain a modicum artistic integrity, but if that is your intent then you should really have something of worth to fall back on. Apparently Here and Now doesn’t have that

Perhaps Lauren just does not have the name recognition yet in order to draw those big viewing numbers. Perhaps one day her fame will rival the size of her boobs, I at least hope so. The woman has the body of someone that deserves to be on the cover of every fitness magazine in the world, but if her popularity does not grow quickly then she could miss her window. There is nothing I find more depressing than a woman whose body was not properly documented whilst in its prime.


Photo Credit: Mr. Skin