READER FIND: Lindsey Shaw’s Topless And Lesbian Scenes in “1/1”

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aldo-vallon - July 29, 2018

The unsung heroes of this site are the readers who keep us stocked with the lesser known footage of celebs baring it all. These are the troops who are out in the trenches, watching movies like College Spring Break 5, in order to bring us the goods that are the reason the internet was even invented.

A man can only take so much B-movie footage before he is driven insane and takes a rifle up with him to the top of a clocktower. I know I need to fast forward through the parts of a crappy movie that contain clothed dialogue. When I didn’t I thought I was watching Mystery Science Theater 3000, then I realized that the other voices I was hearing were only in my head. That needed to stop.

There is practically no difference between myself and a shell shocked soldier at this point, our experiences are nearly identical (in my own opinion and that of my mother). That is why I am so indebted to those of you who are willing to sift through the silt to find the gold. So keep on keeping on doing God’s work.


Photo Credit: Mr. Skin