READER FIND: Regina Gaigalas’ Sweaty Boobs From “Body Melt”

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aldo-vallon - October 10, 2018

Wait a minute, is there actually a chance that a person’s body may melt from using a tanning bed? Why is this not more well-known? The people deserve to know the risks they are exposing themselves to when they use a product. A person cannot buy a pack of cigarettes without there being a warning label on it about how their kid will grow up to be a furry, and yet when it comes to body melting technology the people are left completely in the dark. Not in the dark physically, because obviously there are lights in the bed.

Even if the odds of a person having their body melted were as high as 25 percent I doubt the news would affect business that drastically. There are people out there who would rather not have a body than have one which is pale, or worse yet, has an uneven tan. It’s truly sickening. Do those people have any self-respect? How can you let your body fall into such a state of disrepair that your thighs are not the same complexion as your forearms?

Now I wish the body melting technology really did exist so that we could get rid of a few of these slobs.



Photo Credit: Mr. Skin