READER FIND: Topless Temptresses Galore in 2015’s Unfinished Business

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brian-mcgee - January 14, 2018

Unless you were a film critic at the time, it's doubtful you saw the 2015 Vince Vaughn vehicle Unfinished Business in theaters, and if that's true, you missed a comedic return to form for Vaughn as he once again starred in a flick with lots of nudity! It seems like James R. from right here in the great city of Chicago didn't miss this one, as he recently pointed us toward these awesome screen caps from the flick!

Unfinished Business is one of those movies that got released in the dead of winter, when no one goes outdoors, let alone goes to the movies. It starred Vaughn, Tom Wilkinson, and Dave Franco as three guys trying to get their small time advertising firm off the ground basically by having a bacchanalia in Amsterdam. 

It's not groundbreaking stuff, but as James rightly points out, it's got enough nudity from the gorgeous Kimberly Howe, Francesca ShipseyNoelle Trudeau, and Rebecca Olejniczak for it not to matter! By my count, that's six reasons to watch this flick, if you catch my drift! Enjoy, and keep the Reader Finds pouring in!


Image Credit: 20th Century Fox / Unfinished Business (2015)