READER FIND: Shari Solanis In Sextastic Indie Movie ‘Now and Later’

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brian-mcgee - February 12, 2018

It's a sad fact of life that very few mainstream films feature real, unsimulated sex in them. Whether this is because there aren't a lot of actors and actresses willing to "cross this line" or some other reason, it makes the handful of flicks where it does pop up all the more special as a result! Our latest Reader Find comes to us from Nathaniel B. in Pontiac, MI, who sent a request for screencaps of Shari Solanis fully nude and getting it on with her co-star in 2009's Now and Later!

A cursory glance at Shari's imdb page will give you at least some indication of why actors are reluctant to perform actual sex on film, as the curly haired beauty hasn't worked in front of a camera since this film was released in 2009. Talk about a legitimate crime against mankind, that's a downright shame. Her body is absolutely stunning and the fact that she likes showing it on film should be celebrated!

Thanks for the reminder about this sensationally sexy actress and this amazing movie, Nathaniel, and make sure to keep the Reader Finds coming in!

Photo Credit: Mr. Skin

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