READER FIND: Toni Collette’s Newest Topless Scenes From “Wanderlust”

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aldo-vallon - September 13, 2018

Toni Collete is not my first choice for a woman to be seen wearing lingerie, but I am happily surprised by the result. Apparently older women are the hot fetish right now, if the top porn videos on the internet can be trusted as a sign of the times. And if they can then incest is taking the world by storm.

It is my hope that the reason those videos are so popular is because about ten people in the world fantasize about incest and the only outlet they have for their sexually frustrated desires is the internet. That is my hope, because the alternative is a real bummer and makes me lose even more faith in humanity.

Fortunately there is no incestuous backstory to these photos. Toni is just a mature woman who hates wearing heavy clothing. It is as simple as that. It is not like she needs a reason to wear lingerie. Just because she dresses a certain way does not inherently mean anything, guys. I mean, it does usually mean that a woman is looking to get dicked down. It is my understanding that lingerie is rarely comfortable, so why put yourself through that pain if you aren’t looking to turn someone on?


Photo Credit: Mr. Skin