READER FINDS: Bree Olson Topless in a Real Movie, Gena Lee Nolin Sex Tape, Irish McCalla, the Original Sheena, and Miley Cyrus SNL Cleavetastic (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - March 12, 2011

Who knew that Charlie Sheen goddess Bree Olson, or whatever she may be calling herself these days, was actually in a legit movie a couple years go? Purgatory Comics. Well, Egotastic! reader 'Ralph S.' did. Apparently, Bree isn't altogether horrible in the movie either, or, at least, she takes off her top, which is the penultimate of actress skills in our book, of course.

Two hands (or one) clap for superfan 'GMTO' for reminding us of the vintage (pre-Kardashian, pre-Hilton) sex tape from Gena Lee Nolin, who we just remembered to remember in yesterday's post about hotties in jungle wear. There was a time when sex tapes were actually amateur and cheaply shot and not intended for direct sales. Oh, the memories. (VIEWER WARNING: This is a sex tape with all kinds of nekkid Gena Lee Nolin body parts and some dude and birds and bees stuff.)

But wait! Reader 'Bryan B.' properly corrected my old man memories yesterday about the Tanya Roberts early 80's Sheena being the precursor to the more recent TV series in reminding us that Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, was actually a 1950's TV series, featuring then pin-up model Irish McCalla, who apparently was the object d' lust for many a pubescent boy at the time, not the least of such loin-based stirring caused by these infamous topless photos. Oh, yes, child, sexy celebrities all kinds of nekkid were around before even the Internet.

Finally, blessed be Egotastic! fan 'Richard L.' for capping up a Miley-busty storm this past weekend, providing a nice snapshot of some of the nicest Miley Cyrus cleavage views in some time, courtesy of her appearance on SNL. Summer concert season is coming up again in just a couple months and we expect Miley to really flaunt her new barely legal status with extreme skin. It should be fun. Enjoy.