READER FINDS: Elsa Hosk Naked, Rita Ora Topless, Kendall Jenner See-Through and Much Much More….

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bill-swift - June 18, 2016

Our holiest of days here at Egotastic has arrived. That Friday where the trumpets blare and the virgins are sacrificed and the the rose petals are thrown before the sacrosanct as we roll out the velvet encased satchel of profane that is our Reader Finds. On this the final Reader Finds of the Spring season, we celebrate the bounty of fertile and fecund celebrity flesh provided by you, the readers, to all of us, more readers. It's so beautiful I want to cry into the thong I accidentally stole from my exceedingly attractive neighbor's laundry basket. If pressed, I'll deny.

This week's Reader Finds includes Elsa Hosk quite naked and alluring (thanks to EgoReader 'Bill P.'), Italian hottie actress Emanuela Folliero quite bare up top (blessings from 'Anzio' in The Boot), Rita Ora topless through her top (the finest of ogling material via 'Aron W.'), Hailey Clauson wicked hot and wet (tossed in by 'Sam A.'), Kendall Jenner see-through top (nubby goods submitted by 'Owen M.'), Eva Green ever topless and alluring (goodness prompted by 'Stephen E.'), Keira Knightly tiny and topless (petite boobtastic bare via 'Leandro'), and much much more. You owe it to the benevolent forces of human nature that cause sextastic women to want to bare their bodies in the first place to check out each and every one of these lust inducing Reader Finds. Enjoy.