READER FINDS: Emily Browning Topless, Alexis Ren Wicked Hot, and Much Much More…

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bill-swift - November 19, 2016

Oh, blessed Friday. The special 1/7 of the week we mark by ceremoniously blaring the French Horns of our intern Peruvian band and open up five bottles of booze cumulatively costing less than twenty dollars and dip into the reader provided goodies of goddess yet to be bedded, but mostly definitely set to be ogled. There's something to be said for tradition. Like, most of them are overrated. But not this one. It's time, boys and girls, once more for Reader Finds.

This week's Reader Finds includes Emily Browning in various stage of onscreen naked (thanks to EgoReader 'Nelson G.'), Thandie Newton baring silver screen sweet teats (courtesy of a find from 'Freddy T.'), Laura Dern baring see-through peekaboos (funbag peeks provided by 'Danielle A.'), Alexis Ren and her faptastic female form (tossed into the mix by 'Aaron'), and much much more. You owe it to the lower half of your anatomy so often overlooked to take a leer at each and every one of these wicked hot revealing celebrity sextastic photos. Nobody has yet to find a better use of their time. Enjoy.