READER FINDS: Emily Ratajkowski Topless, Kendall Jenner Nip Slip, Jehane Gigi Paris Topless and Much Much More…

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bill-swift - May 2, 2015

Oh, holy Friday. Most blessed of the days named after the gods I can't remember. You tease us with the anticipation of the weekend, yet, you are technically a work day and also the most common day for me to be fired based on my work history. Huh. I hadn't thought of that before. Nevertheless, nothing can reduce the glow I feel merely circling the Reader Finds email bag each week. That blessed velvet satchel of celebrity skin goodness just waiting to be unveiled. It's part skin-filled goodness, part joy of giving. Something sacred, something profane.

This week's Reader Finds includes Cara Delevingne in nothing but a towel (thank you kindly to EgoReader 'Zed'), Andrea Lowell topelss in skinematic excellence (much kudos to 'Jayne'), Carmen Electra pokey and topless onscreen (Carmen in prime form via 'Owen'), Charlotte McKinney major league curves (wowzers provided by 'Dennis E.'), a double dose of super hottie Cora Keegan (double lust filled by 'Emmet'), a purported picture of Emily Ratajkowski topless (from our good buddy 'Anon'), boobtastic faptastic Helen Flanagan in a bikini top (lovely lusciousness from 'Stephen T.'), Jehane Paris topless goodness (dedicatedly dropped off by 'Bob J.'), a young Jennifer Jason Leigh quite topless (throwback funbags via 'Hampton'), Kate Compton and Yara Khmidan topless modeling pics (spotted by 'Wheels'), Kate Winslet topless in early film role (double blessings from 'Mikey'), Kendall Jenner nip slip from GQ (caught by too many of you to count, thanks all), Linda Hamilton topless during her Terminator days (sights provided by 'Daryn'), a double dose of Mary Steenburgen without clothes (strange but sweet pics via 'Desmond'), Miranda Kerr arm bra goodness (hottie alert caused by 'David'), Nikki Cox self-shared cleave (thank you kindly to 'Sage'), Nina Agdal bikini shots for SI (Danish wonderments via 'Allie'), Rita Ora nip slip peeks (from the mind of another 'Bill'), Sherilyn Fenn in and out of a bikini (wonders of the past so sweet from 'Travis'), and Tinashe nip slip in concert (dropped off by 'Doo Doo'). It's a handful of hotness. Two scoops. Use all limbs available. Enjoy.

And, a couple videos. First, from a ton of you, this peek at Coco Austin mounting her own sister in tiny bikinis. Odd, weird, enticing:

And this bit of lovely in motion model goodness from regular video contributor, Chris Krook: