READER FINDS: Minnie Driver Topless, Kirsten Dunst Boobtastic, Eliza Dushku Topless and Much Much More…!

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bill-swift - January 30, 2016

The day Friday comes from the origin word Free DD's. It's the day the ancients got together to share all their hot sketches and cave drawings of the women of the clan or neighboring clans topless. Trust me, I had some college. That tradition continues to this very day with Reader Finds, where fans of the skintastic from around the world gather virtually in the village square to share in the bounty of their digitized boobtastic. It's as beautiful now as it was way back like ten years ago. Soak it in and feel your heritage.

This week's Reader Finds includes Chloe Moretz and Victoria Justice panties peeking upskirts (thank you EgoReader 'Andrew B.'), Tori Black sweet buxom teats (kindly contributed by 'Owen D.'), Tanya Roberts topless classic skinematics not once but twice (bless you, 'Eric R.'), hot model topless goodies on bicycle (desperately donated by 'Jeff S.'), Alexandra Paul luscious goodies (kindly entered by 'Jack H.'), Demi Moore topless onscreen (good days and sweet funbags via 'Tooto'), Elena Anaya sweltering teats (so hot, thanks much to 'Benjamin K.'), Eliza Dushku topless rarely hotness (lass' finer bits provided by 'Kenneth'), Emma Roberts bra and panties (lust me some Emma, thanks 'William W.'), Frida Gustavsson topless modeling in nature (Nordic sextastic via 'Jezzy'), Kirsten Dunst in bra and panties (cheering for good times, kudos to 'Ren'), Kourtney Kardashian preggo and naked (remembered kindly by 'David H.'), Loretta Yu topless teats on fire (bountiful fun time helped by 'Stephen A.'), big ole Lucia Lapiedra thespianic mams (blonde big and bodacious thanks to 'Terry'), Minnie Driver showing off her holy divers (visual treats via 'Gerry'), Susie Abromeit from Jessica Jones series painted nude (much ado about Susie thanks to 'Bill P.). Sylvia Kristel classic frontals (popped in perfectly by 'Alice'), and much much more. Don't be afraid of too much hot celebrity skin. It's a horrible condition! Enjoy.

Alley Baggett and last week's Reader Finds in case you missed it.