READER FINDS: Monica Bellucci Topless, Alison Brie in Lingerie, and Much Much More…

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bill-swift - August 27, 2016

Smack dab at the end of the work week is the emotional and libidinal oasis we like to call Reader Finds. For all the talk in politics about fixing this nation and this world, if you want to get a head start, tap into the benevolent souls who see fit to share the sextastic undressed bodies of their favorite celebrities each and every week on Egotastic. Walk the walk and make a real difference. With stellar bare funbags!

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This week's Reader Finds includes Monica Bellucci quite topless crazy hot (thanks to EgoReader 'Bill P.'), Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs showing off in lingerie (duet of allure via 'Kenny T.'), Catherine Zeta Jones details of passion inducement (what a young stellar hottie, thanks 'Jeremy'), Danica McKellar sweltering brunette peeks (Winnie teases submitted by 'Evan L.'), Kelly Brook boobtastic wonderments (blessings from 'Owen C.'), and much much more. You owe it to that modestly dark but super happy tingly space in your soul to check out each and every one of these wicked hot celebrity finds. Enjoy.