READER FINDS: Olivia Culpo Topless, Minka Kelly Sextastic, Jessica Chastain Topless and Much Much More…

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bill-swift - April 1, 2016

Reader Finds truly is the weekly culmination of our work here. Such as you might call it work. Something more akin to lifeguard at the public pool where lots of extremely hot women come to swim. A minor burden. Each Friday we peel back the golden straps on the purple velvet pouch holding all of the reader contributions and behold the cornucopia of skin. Sometimes we play the trumpets just for dramatic effect. I'll occasionally perform a Viking war cry or eat six donuts simultaneously in celebration. Go big or go home.

This week's Reader Finds includes Gwyneth Paltrow so young and so topless (beautiful Goops thanks to EgoReader 'Jenny'), Betsy Russell classic wet tank shots (lovely throwbacks from 'Douglas R.'), Bo Derek mesmerizing naked (80's super goodness via 'Tony U.'), Chantelle Connelly topless pre Geordie Shore days (blessings of DDelight from 'Token'), Charisma Carpenter spectacular tubes fully frontal (melons of happy thoughtfully sent by 'Davey V.'), Christy Carlson Romano topless in the shower (good times, great funbags, thanks 'Thomas'), Eliza Coupe topless silver screen time (kudos to 'Devon' for this two bits of goodness), Ellis Attard topless mega-mams (kind thoughts of tatas from 'Ellen L.'), more delicious Jehane Gigi Paris (modeling goodies via 'Bob J.'), Jessica Chastain topless redhead (best role ever honored by 'Stephen M.'), Karen Hassan topless in the uncensored version of Vikings (horn of mead for our friend 'Wentz'), Kendall Jenner teen modeling work in Lovecat (remember when, so hot, thanks 'L.S.'), Larissa Riquelme from her epic spread in Soho (Paraguayan puppies via 'Tony J.'), Maria Kanellis showing off her sweet tubes (onscreen hotness contributed by 'Diego'), Michelle Hunziker deep cleavage on TV (a bella bella shoutout from 'Anzio'), Minka Kelly hot in sox (my oh, my, Minka via 'Scortch'), Morena Baccarin sex scenes from Deadpool (not quite uncovered, but hot, kudos to 'Marcus A.'), Olivia Culpo topless for Treats (pageant girls gone rogue, from 'Reitz'), Sadie Frost topless beach shots (Britty boobtastic via 'Conan'), Samantha Hoopes swimsuit sweaty goodness (beach funbags are the best, thanks 'Richard'), and last but not least, Selena Gomez in wicked hot swimsuit shot (a great endcap from 'Davis P.'). 

Take it all in. Slowly. Deliberately. Faptastically. Enjoy.