READER FINDS: Penelope Cruz Topless, Blake Lively Wicked Hot and Much Much More…

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bill-swift - September 16, 2016

On the off chance you happen to dig tons and tons of partially dressed, undressed, and very totally fully undressed sextastic celebrities, well then, come right in. My name is Bill. I'll be your server.

The Friday Reader Finds is a visual blessing beyond compare. This week featuring the hot and lust inducing likes of Ione Skye topless (thank you EgoReader 'Benjamin R.'), Blake Lively sexy uncontained (featured kindly by 'Strobes'), Piper Perabo in her prime of passion causing looks (luscious tiny Piper provided by 'Evan U.'), Asia Argento baring her healthy boobtastic (kudos to 'Noah S.'), Penelope Cruz melons of happiness (tossed in by farmer 'K.R.'), Melissa George topless gorgeous (added by 'Jake T.'), and much much more. You owe it to all that is good and decent and easily forgotten during moments of personal desire and instinct to check out each and every one of these sweet hot baring ladies. Enjoy.