Rebakah Underhill Topless in Nature

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bill-swift - December 9, 2016

Rebekah Underhill is simply one of my favorite of the au naturally naked in nature models of the modern era whose fine feminine form inspires me to want to build a log cabin or play more football or fix things around the house. Just kidding about that last one. In this stellar Sam Livm photoshoot the sextastic young siren shows off all the skills of a confident young model who does not hesitate to get naked when the role calls for it. And the roll always calls for it.

One of the more pleasant trends among our visually splendid visual wonders is the move toward organic hot bodies. I could care less if my apples and corn flakes are organic. I'm washing them down with beer and Slim Jims. But as far as lust inducing women go, this is a very nice homage to Mother Nature's handiwork in its ideal state. I can almost feel the tingles. Throw in a beautiful shoreline and you have perfection. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Sam Livm