Rebecca Dayan Takes A Topless Dip

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bill-swift - July 21, 2015

Rebecca Dayan is one of those beautiful French brunettes who you will never understand, let alone perhaps tolerate for an extended period of time, but during the course of your 67 day romance, you will experience heights of pleasure and erotica that even years later the slightest hint of Camel cigarettes will drive you to a private space to unbridle your swollen memories. At least, I'm pretty sure.

The artist and mode and extremely French person Rebecca Dayan models in this month's P magazine with a little bit of fur, a good bit of funbags, and some gold pants and dips in the pool. It's everything you imagine a French love affair to be. And everything it can be. And I want it ever so badly. I wish I spoke better French so I could ask Rebecca more politely about her favorite nipple creams and salves. I hate to shop blindly. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: P Magazine