Rhian Sugden Topless Hotness

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michael-garcia - October 5, 2016

Blond super babe Rhian Sugden took off her top and then some in this eye-popping spread for May Contain Girl. The first thing that becomes glaringly apparent when you look at Rhian is that her ta-tas are beyond the pale of normal largeness. These things aren't just big, they're massive. Those funbags are downright titanic in scale. If she turned really fast she could knock you unconscious with those bad boys. But it would be worth it. What an honor to be able to handle jugs of that magnitude. It's like getting to pet a unicorn or something. But she didn't stop at simply taking her top off. She got rid of the swimsuit thing she was wearing all together and lets us see the whole package. Her booty in particular is a thing of beauty. I'd like to snuggle up to it and go to sleep.

I do love a girl that is well-endowed. I've been with women with smaller breasts and they are fine but not the same. I know what I like and I like big 'ol hooters. 


Photo Credit: May Contain Girl