Rihanna Sheer Top For New Video “Work”

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bill-swift - March 2, 2016

Rihanna has never been shy when it comes to showing off her rack. She's also not really a fan of wearing bras. These two factors came into play big time in her new video for her song Work. In it, she wears a shirt that is completely see-through with no bra on underneath. The result is that you can clearly see her full boobage underneath, nips and all. I have big a fan of Rihanna's melons for many years now. And, like the consummate professional that she is, she knows that her fans want to see as much of her beautiful body as possible. She doesn't disappoint when it comes to flashing skin. I think it would be a good career move for her to do all of her videos from now on in various states of undress. You'll get the clicks, trust me on this, Rihanna.

I remember back in the golden age of videos when you couldn't have a music video unless you saw some skin on a bevy of hotties. That was a better time. We should really go back to that. 

Photo Credit: Rihanna "Work"