Rihanna Topless Promos For New Music Video ‘Kiss It Better’

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bill-swift - March 30, 2016

Rihanna topless. She's perfected the fine art of turning popular house music into an exercise in nearly entirely raw sexuality. That's one more logical step past just flirty, sexy music. This is just all-in on selling Rihanna as an alluring kitten who likes to get busy with the boys in the sack. It's not a poor sales strategy. In fact, it's the best ever invented.

For her new music video, Kiss It Better, Rihanna took a series of provocative photos that included quite intentionally a topless photo of her sweet bodily goodness. Just one outstanding female form with a nice pair of sultry knockers. I'm already hooked. I can imagine the song giving me some kind of migraine, but Rihanna's writhing about topless curing me of all that ails. This was the natural evolution of pop music. I'm not surprised Rihanna is open to such levels of exhibitionism, I did not see this coming from the corporate side. The scent of money is a powerful aroma.

Photo Credit: Rihanna "Kiss It Better"