Risky Exhibitionists push the boundaries in the City of Sin

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terence-chumbler - December 17, 2016

Those Ladies over at Ersties have done it again. Time and time again they surprise the porn world with their fresh and exciting take on the world of amateur. This time is no different. The beauty of their latest shoot can be found in its simplicity. Get two gorgeous and horny girls, give them a map of the city, throw in a hand held camera and simply instruct them to create as much mayhem and mischief as possible.

Ersties embrace the fact they are based in one of the world’s most down right naughtiest cities. Think Vegas but on steroids. A city without rules; fetish clubs on one street and swinger’s clubs on the next, where the booze is cheap and the party only ends when the last person leaves. There aren’t many cities on this planet you could get away with this much public nudity and fun and not spend a night in the Police cells.

Despite the rush hour traffic and hundreds of passers by the girls went into full exhibitionist mode. Playfully kissing and touching, semi naked as the public looked on. There’s only so much you can do in full view however, so it was time to find a quieter spot. Heading to a local restaurant the girls snuck away to the bathroom, camera in hand of course, and enjoyed an orgasm filled quickie. The tension had clearly been building. As soon as the door closed behind them, their clothes fell to the ground and the girls licked, fingered and fucked their way to orgasm.

This shoot perfectly captures what Ersties are all about. A female team of porn connoisseurs who put the fun and naughtiness back in to amateur porn. Their philosophy is simple; real people, real porn, real authenticity…and it’s hot as hell! To view the full uncut version of this outrageous day, click here to sign up to Ersties today.