Rita Ora Topless Adds To Her Lui Magazine Spread

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bill-swift - April 11, 2016

Talk about the gift that keeps on giving. No, not Forever Stamps. The blessedly sweet and full mammaries of pop diva Rita Ora who bared her wicked hot body and boobtastic for Lui magazine now returns to us with additional photos of Rita's round mounds of happy to fully complete the set of what has to be on your wall if you're a teenage boy. Or under the bed if your parents just wouldn't understand. That still where I hide my favorite topless photos. Just habit.

Rita Ora climbed the rungs of the pop music hotness ladder several rungs at a time. But never before did she do such a boldly undressed topless photoshoot. Now she's off the ladder completely having pushed the red button in the Wonkavator with her pleasured sized tubes. It's like a revelation that you hoped was coming, but could never be sure. I'm experiencing the five stages of the opposite of grief. Four of them are related to the reason I am no longer allowed to wear sweatpants to work. Rita, you are amazing. Your rack is beyond words. I'll just utter some muffled grunting sounds and assume you know how I'm feeling. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Lui Magazine