Rita Ora’s New Years Nip Slip

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aldo-vallon - January 6, 2018

   Here I was thinking that all of the nipples would be going into hibernation during these cold and dark winter months, but they just keep on appearing. They are like over eager groundhogs that cannot wait for spring so they keep poking their heads out to see if it is safe. 

Those poor little fellas have no idea what they rest of us are going through in the northern states. I have recently resorted to sticking hand warmers in my boxer briefs in order to combat the recent stretch negative degree weather. I only need it for the fifty feet that I have to walk outside to and from my car, but I would rather risk burns to that region than frostbite. 

Weather this cold cuts right through regular pants too. I know this can be avoided by wearing thicker pants, but then I would need to have a change of clothes at work and I am not going through all that. I can still remember what it was like in grade school. All I wanted was a quick exit once the final bell rang, but then I'd need to take an extra ten minutes to put my snow gear on and a glove would always be missing. No, never again. 



Photo Credit: Snapchat