Rosanna Arkle Topless Snapchat

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michael-garcia - October 21, 2016

Kiwi reality show person Rosanna Arkle showed off her massive teetons on social media. She understands the universal truth that people only follow people like her on Instagram or Snapchat on the off chance that they post pics like this. Sure, she's wearing a stupid bunny Snapchat filter on her face and it isn't even Easter, but whatever. If you are looking at her whiskers and not those big beautiful melons then there is something fundamentally wrong with you. Her jugs are massive, like give yourself carpal tunnel syndrome from handling them massive. I have never known a girl from New Zealand but apparently there is more to that place than Lord of the Rings and Flight of the Conchords. They also have TV stars with giant thingies.

Girls really need to stop it with the dumb Snapchat filters. You know how many times I see a pretty girl on there but am distracted by her being a dog thanks to some dumb filter? A lot. 

Photo Credit: Snapchat