Roshelle Shows Off In Totally See-Through Dress At The Black Panther Premiere

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aldo-vallon - February 12, 2018

 I am learning a lot about Hollywood going through all these pictures. For example, it appears they have no standards in regards to what is allowed to be worn at a premier. As long as there is a piece of fabric on your body then they don't give a crap. I have been to bars downtown with more stringent dress codes than that. There a hot girl could not even get in the front door if she was wearing Chuck Taylor's. In my opinion that was madness, but apparently, Roshelle can have her everything hanging out and Hollywood will only say that if she is still warm then she can take even more off. 

I can understand why she would feel the need to wear black though because it does seem to be the theme for the event. The movie has black in the title. It has black people in the roles. Roshelle probably needed to throw on some black in order to sneak in. Being one of the few white girls there must have made her feel the need to blend in. She probably had a tape recorder and was logging the event. "It's been one hour and they are already accepting me as one of their own." 



Photo Credit: Splash News 

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