Rosie Danvers Hot Topless Round Up

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michael-garcia - September 16, 2016

Redhead beauty Rosie Danvers showed off her gigantic funbags in these pics from Page 3 and Only Opaques. Who doesn't love an attractive redhead? There is a distinct difference between some ginger chick and a fine ass redhead. Rosie is the latter. Not only is she really pretty but she's got a set of jugs on her that are out of this world. Seriously, I think you can see them from the international space station. They have delicate pink nipples like the cherry on the top of a giant mound of vanilla ice cream. God bless these photographers for bringing these beautiful images into the world. 

I would like to state, publicly, that I want to marry Rosie Danvers. Or at least date her. Or if nothing else spend one night with her. Whatever I can get. 


Photo Credit: Page 3/Only Opaques