Rosie Danvers Innocent And Topless In White

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bill-swift - June 7, 2017

Well, innocent might be a stretch, but topless is a definite for this British glamorous sextastic bit of visual wonderment. Rosie Danvers in white lingerie in the bedroom is something to behold. Or hold. Or hold yourself while she removes her little bit of clothing to ensure you never breathe normally again. 

The essence of life might be boiled down to the sight of Rosie's teats so squeezable and ripe. Or my life. One brunette good-to-go benevolent woman wanting nothing more than to send happy thoughts throughout the prurient male body. What a gift, topped off with pink perfect nubs. It's like a drawing come to life, if you wanted to do wicked naughty things to a drawing then be spanked for your perversion. But then I've shared too much already. Job well done, Rosie. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Only Tease