Roxanna Dunlop Topless Shower

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bill-swift - June 23, 2016

Roxanna Dunlop is a model, writer, and self-described muse. I don't know what a muse is to be honest outside of the classic literature sense, but I know am quite certain I want one.

Roxanna appreciates her wine as we appreciate her body in the shower, so the good people at C-Heads combined the two into a shower-to-bedroom pictorial that pretty much mimics every single dream I intend to have about this hot L.A. model forevermore. There's simply never been a visual theme better than hot naked girl rolling in the sheets. It's an evergreen for a reason. It's okay to imagine Roxanna is your girlfriend. It's probably less okay to imagine your current girlfriend first perishes in a horrible poisoned blueberry muffin incident. But, it was time for a chance. Roxanna, you are one dangerous female sweetheart. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: C Heads Magazine