Russian Big Bosom Hottie Olga Kobzar Topless Around The House

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michael-garcia - June 3, 2016

Freckle-faced hottie Russian Olga Kobzar let's it all hang out in these pictures of domestic bliss. Or at least, it would be bliss for anyone who lives with her. Rarely do most of us get roommates with some large naturals like Olga's. They are highly motorboatable. They might throw your neck out, but it would be worth it. But it isn't just her top that she shows off, oh no. You get to see the bottom garden of paradise as well. She's got the right amount of foliage around the crotchecological region. Call me crazy, I'm not into the whole shaved thing. It makes me feel like I'm doing it with a twelve year old. But I'm not into the 70's bush either. Somewhere in between is just right.

I really need to get to Russia. These girls look like they know how to party. 

Photo Credit: Some Magazine