Russian Hottie Olga Kobzar Naked Mickey Mouse

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bill-swift - May 25, 2016

There's no great icon of childhood and innocence that isn't made that much better by an alluring young model homaging the icon while completely naked. At least I can't think of one, and I think of these things often. 

Russian model hottie Olga Kozbar who revels in the overturning of cliches and cartoon mouses, took to the pages of Insomnia magazine to show off her full frontal goodness in various amounts of Mickey Mouse character parts in foam and rubber. This gives a little hint into the type of Disneyland I might be willing to visit and wait in long lines. Especially since it might be 18 and over only. Strollers are a danger. Olga, I can't compliment you enough on your sweet bodied bare bodied work. I imagine I won't be forgetting this piece for long. Especially now that it's hanging on the wall in my office. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Insomnia Magazine Portugal