Russian Sex Kitten Sambuca Only Wants To Get Off

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aldo-vallon - April 29, 2018

Maybe I have been watching too many of those fashion shows on TLC, because all that I can think of while I am looking at Sambuca sprawled out on that bed is that her shirt and skirt really clash. Maybe she realized that as well and that is why she chose to take her top off.

I wonder how often that would be successful if I yelled it to random women. “Hey lady, that shirt doesn’t match those shorts!” And then she takes it off out of embarrassment. My conservative estimate is that it will work twenty percent of the time, maybe higher if it is spring break or a frat party.

It is so hard to match plaid with anything, let alone something else that is plaid, that I am surprised Sambuca even tried. Even Catholic schools realized decades ago that there can only be one plaid item in the uniform at a time. Plaid on plaid rarely works. Bystanders will usually assume you are a Scottish James Bond villain trying to take over the world by threatening all of its golf courses. I have to say, it isn’t the worse plot that I have heard.


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