Sahara Ray Topless For Treats!

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bill-swift - January 8, 2016

Sahara Ray stripped down completely for this photoshoot for Treats! Magazine. The pictures have weird effects on them which makes them arty and not smutty. Sahara has a truly outstanding pair of funbags. They are big, but not cartoonishly so. Bigger than a handful but manageable. You also get to see a bit of her booty from the side and let me tell you friends, it is a sight to see. That's what you have to love about Treats! is that they know what the public wants and it gives it to them in such a way that it feels edifying as well as boner producing. That's a fine line that isn't easy to maneuver.

Sahara can come over and we can make some art together. I have a really nice camera, some lighting equipment, and a pretty wild imagination. I can pay her in Cuban food or Arby's coupons. 

Photo Credit: Treats! Magazine