Samantha Laigle Topless for The Forest Magazine

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aldo-vallon - July 28, 2017

These pictures of Samantha Laigle are yet more evidence that The Matrix was more likely a documentary than a work of fiction. Not only is it hard to imagine her genes could produce her randomly, a computer program is much more likely to create something so perfect, but an outfit like that does not just exist in the real world. It is almost as if she carelessly walked into a black spider web after having stepped out of the shower. I have a quite a bit of difficulty just stepping into my swim trunks, I cannot imagine how hard it is to get into an outfit like that. Does she have handmaidens there to dress her like she is an English noblewoman? Or maybe the tailor just creates the outfit around her and when the photo shoot is over she has to be cut out. 

If she really is one of those matrix badasses she is sure to have at least a half dozen weapons on her person. Without any pockets I do not know where could she be hiding them, but I am eager to find out. I may not have played hide-and-seek in over a decade, but I am willing to dust off the old gear and come out of retirement in order to get to the bottom of this.


Photo Credit: The Forest Magazine