Sammy Braddy Topless School Girl

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bill-swift - May 15, 2017

If you're asking why Sammy Braddy is a school girl in an office kitchen, you've already asked too many questions. Why is the sky blue? I don't know. Let's move on to more important matters. Like, Sammy Braddy pulling out the plaid skirt and white blouse costume for a little bit of engaging wait a few minutes and you'll see my full funbags routine. And what a routine it is.

Sammy asks nothing more of you than your salute the Union Jack and leer her completely outrageously full fledged teats. It's a small ask for such big mams. If you don't think this school girl is ready to bounce in any given educational environment or said workplace, you're not familiar with the stunning work of this English lass. Sammy, you could pull off any costume and character. Provided the end game remains the same magnificent visual slice of heaven, I'm more than game. I'm ready to rent the hall. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Only Tease