Sandra Latko And Bernadette Kasper Topless Together

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michael-garcia - August 18, 2016

Drop dead gorgeous models Sandra Latko and Bernadette Kasper got naked together. They look like they were hanging out in some kind of swinging 60's bachelor pad. Sandra is a serious hottie. She's one of those European models that looks like they were created in some kind of hot mad scientists lab. She's got a dynamite pair of hooters that looks great in a bra but looks even better au naturale. And her booty makes me want to sing, which luckily you can't hear. Bernadette has a pair  of knockers that fill me with joy. They are luscious, delicious melons that I would like to taste. But alas I am a mere mortal and not good enough to touch the likes of people like Bernadette or Sandra. 

I bet these girls know how to party. Those European hotties are always the wildest at heart. 


Photo Credit: Lee Van Brook For TOX Calendar