Sara Sampaio Black And White Topless

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michael-garcia - July 26, 2016

Sara Sampaio goes topless in black and white in an arty spread for Love Magazine. She starts out with some see-through shirts that show off her spectacular teetons. Then she takes the shirt off and we can enjoy all their glory. Her perkies make me want to sing. Luckily, I'm in my apartment and you don't have to listen to that. Maybe the site will let me upload a song of my singing of the wonder that is Sara's hooters. Then again, maybe not. We don't want to lose readership. Me singing doesn't encourage clicks. If there is an opposite of click bait it's me singing. I think we'll stick with pictures of Sara with no shirt on. 

Nude pics in black and white are not considered dirty because they look artistic. That's a classic way to get around smut laws. 


Photo Credit: Love Magazine