Sara Sampaio Topless Little Perfects In Elle UK

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bill-swift - April 11, 2016

Let's take a moment to bless the lovely and uncensored content of European fashion magazines which despite representing the Old Wolrd provide a far more liberal view on the female body and showcases therein than in the New World where pearl clutches need to lay upon divans in a panic at the sight of a female breast exposed. Strange that no so much has changed since 1616.

Sara Sampaio and her intense sultry brunette hotness took to the pages of Elle magazine in the UK to show off a little bit of fashion, a little bit of style, and a whole memorable moments of sheer topless brilliance. Sara's completely au natural in her lean body and on the small sized but udderly perfect funbags. If you're in the camp of men who prefer the sleeker chested women, Sara's fine female form will blow you away. Just one ridiculously hot Victoria's Secret model and all around Portuguese passion inducer. Now I feel like a good cry. Pull me tight to your bare bosom and let me know everything's going to be okay, Sara. Actually, words are unnecessary. Just hold me tight for half an hour. I'll work my own feelings out. So hot. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Elle UK