Sara Sampaio Topless Photoshoot

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aldo-vallon - October 3, 2017

   This photo is really throwing me for a loop. Nothing seems to be in the right proportions and I love it. I keep mistaking her arms for skinny legs, like she is covering her ears with two feet. It makes no sense as to why or even how that could be the case, but that is what I see nonetheless. Now my only question is how I can make it into a reality? Am I going to get obsessed with this vision like that guy in Close Encounters of the Third Kind? Will I start modeling Sara Sampaio with legs for arms out of mashed potatoes in my kitchen? It could not turn out any worse than things I tried to model out of clay back in school. Those were so bad that my art teacher even told me I could just stop and goof off for the rest of the year and she would still pass me. Apparently clay is not free and she was not interested in wasting it on a lost cause. Oh well, I still got an ash tray out of it that only slightly resembled a vagina, so I count it as a win.

Photo Credit: Sarah Silver