Sarah Ritter, Jenny Marie Mitchell, Clare Combest Topless In New Movie ‘Goat’

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michael-garcia - September 28, 2016

Lovelies Sarah Ritter, Jenny Marie Mitchell, and Claire Combest take off their tops and then some in the new movie Goat. It's all about frats and their seamy underbelly. I wasn't in a frat, my school didn't have any. The closest I got was the drama honors society. Not quite the same thing. But in this movie we see plenty of the good stuff, namely ta-tas. Each one of these girls is hotter than the last. Jenny has herself a saphic adventure like you are supposed to in college. It is a rite of passage of sorts. Not to be outdone Sarah and Clare each take off their tops and show us their lovely jubblies, one as a stripper and another in a sexy sex scene. I am definitely seeing this movie on the big screen so I can see these knockers on the big screen.

I do sometimes regret that I missed the traditional frat experience in college. I could have been the hard-partying fat guy at the frat in a Hawaiian shirt. 


Photo Credit: 'Goat' Killer Films