Sarah Silverman Just Showed Her Amazing Breasts On Instagram, For Real

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earl-jonas - May 8, 2019


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Usually Instagram nudity has the caveat that actual nudity isn't involved, because if it was, the boob-hating Insta censors would ax it in a second. However today we have actual boobies. Nipples and everything. Areolas? But of course.

Funnyman Sarah Silverman has a great history of showing off her amazing rack, and continues to do just that with this seriously sexy post. We can clearly see her boobs as well as the bougie contents of her medicine cabinet. The inside of my medicine cabinet has a single Q-Tip and a free cologne sample from 2002. But not Silverman's cabinet. Hers has dozens of luxurious body products. And of course two boobs.

While Silverman left the pic commentless (obviously the image speaks for itself) interestingly Juliette Lewis left the comment "I’ll admit that was a fun game." What could this mean? What game? And can we play?


Photo Credit: Showtime via Mr. Skin