Scarlett Lamela Topless For P Magazine

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michael-garcia - September 6, 2016

Lovely Scarlett Lamela took off more than her top in this sexy spread for P Magazine. You see pretty much everything in this photoshoot. Firstly, you see her wonderful funbags. They aren't too big or too small but just right. They are the ta-tas that Goldilocks would have chosen if she was a lesbian instead of a terrible porridge thief. But then you have her perfectly round booty. I'd like to rest my face in between those cheeks all night long. You also see her garden of Earthly delights. It is as bald as baby doll but much much sexier. These pics look like the kind of things I used to see in art school. They are all hyper saturated and out of focus. Only the photographers back then just took pics of their hipster girlfriends and not a hottie like Scarlett Lamela.

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Pictures like this make me happy to be alive. They are naked women pics but arty so it's OK. 


Photo Credit: P Magazine