See Aquaman Star Amber Heard’s Hottest Nude Stuff From “The Informers”

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aldo-vallon - January 11, 2019

Once again a movie based on the sex-fueled work of Brett Easton Ellis is responsible for bringing us the depravity that our crazed minds so desperately crave. Nineteen years ago we got a buff Christian Bale banging prostitutes, and only eight years after that we were given a nude Amber Heard. It is hard for me to imagine why the guy keeps letting his books be made into movies since he clearly peaked with those.

Back in 2008 Amber was fresh to the scene, so it is understandable why this flick kind of flew under the radar. If she was to bust out her saddle riding abilities again I am sure it would make much larger waves. Hopefully DC does not have the girl locked into a morality clause with her contract. I get that they would want to protect the image of Mera, but it would be pretty selfish of them to withhold Amber from the rest of us.

She wouldn’t be the first heroine to go nude after donning the spandex, though. Scarlett Johansson took it all off in Under the Skin and Disney couldn’t even stop her. So I guess what I am trying to say is that there’s hope.



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