See Bradley Cooper’s New GF Irina Shayk’s Nude Stuff From “Hercules”

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aldo-vallon - January 23, 2019

Who could have predicted that a movie about a mythical beefcake could also have room to showcase such a boner-rific lady?

I suppose anyone who watches, or has watched, professional wrestling could have predicted as much. The folks running that show did not pull any punches when it came to fitting a size 8 booty into a pair of size 2 booty shorts. I realize that sentence applies as much to the male wrestlers as it does to the females, but I was only referring to the females. I swear.

I am told Irina Shayk is Russian, but I am skeptical. She does not have any of the stereotypical traits of a Russian that I have been taught to look for. There is no track suit, no AK-47, and no bear in any of these shots. Either Russia has been embellishing their reputation again, or else there is some big coverup underway.

Maybe all of those things have been edited out of the shots in an attempt to ruin the reputation that Russia has worked so hard to establish. That would just be so typical.

Don’t worry, Irina. We all know you wouldn’t sellout like that.




Photo Credit: Mr. Skin