See Emmy Rossum’s Hottest Topless Scenes From Shameless

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aldo-vallon - January 12, 2018

 Shameless has certainly had its ups and downs as a series, but one thing that could always be counted on to satisfy were Emmy Rossum's twin peaks. The promise of seeing more of them was enough to keep me watching even with all of the man butts they loved to put on screen. 

Emmy sure has come a long way since I first saw her in the Disney Channel original movie Genius. That one isn't really worth remembering, I simply enjoy highlighting which stars got their start from the Disney bordello so that I can track where they end up. It makes me feel better about having squandered my childhood by playing with my friends. 

Had my parents gave in to my demands of becoming a child actor it could easily be me you see in this gallery. Well, maybe not this specific gallery, I know shirtless dudes aren't our target subject matter, but maybe on a slightly gayer version of this website. I would have rocked the hell out of the Mickey Mouse Club so hard that I'd already have two stints in rehab under my belt. But now all I'll have is this regret due to responsible parenting.   



Photo Credit: Mr. Skin