See Jennifer Lawrence’s Topless Scene From ‘mother!’

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brian-mcgee - December 5, 2017

Jennifer Lawrence made her officially sanctioned topless debut in this past September's much maligned flick mother!. Since most of you missed it—and with good reason—you would have missed her topless scene which occurs in one of the more violent sections of the film. 

I don't blame J-Law and director Darren Aronofsky for trying something new and different with this flick, but it was a mess. I can't even tell you to see it for Jennifer's topless debut because it happens while a gang of people are beating the shit out of her. It's tough to watch, and I don't want to oversell just how bad it is to see her breasts and copious amounts of bruising and bleeding all in the same frame. 

I know this isn't about to deter you from looking, just like it didn't deter you from looking the first time her breasts were offered up for public consumption. I just need to establish plausible deniability here. So look at the pictures and see what you and everyone else in North American missed during the film's very short run in theaters. Just beware, they're kinda brutal.

Photo Credit: Mother! (2017)